About us: The team behind KCF

YOU are whanau and part of our church community - if you've been here since we started, or if you've just walked in on the weekend, you belong. We're here to share God's word with you - meet the faces in our team.

Mike and Barb | Kaitaia Christian Fellowship Pastors

Mike & Barbara Clark

Mike and Barbara have been married for 40 years they have two adult children and 4 grandchildren. Mike is the pastor of the Kaitaia Christian Fellowship ( KCF) he is a registered Social worker and has Postgraduate qualifications in Child and Adolescent mental health and interpersonal psychotherapy. He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God NZ. Barbara is a registered nurse with Postgraduate qualifications, she works as an anaesthetic pre-assessment nurse at Kaitaia Hospital.  

Mike and Barbara are committed to helping people experience the reality of God’s love, goodness, guidance and divine purpose. Some 45 years ago Mike was picked up when hitching by the then pastor of Kaitaia Christian Fellowship. It proved to be a life changing ride. Barbara became a Christian in 1978 after returning home to Hamilton from a two year adventure living in Australia, London, Europe, Asia and for six months on a kibbutz in Israel. When her father passed away only months after returning home she was challenged to question the meaning of life, a friend asked her to church where she heard the message of God's redemptive love and she gave her life to Christ. Not long after that she moved to Kaitaia.

Mike and Barbara first met at a Sunday service at KCF when Barbara arrived in Kaitaia in 1978. They married in 1980 and became youth group leaders in 1981. In 1985 Mike was appointed as lead pastor.  Mike pastored for 10 years up until 1995 when he, Barbara and the children moved to Christchurch. Some 15 years later in 2010, Mike and Barbara were asked to consider returning to Kaitaia, to once again take the role of pastor and join the community at Kaitaia Christian Fellowship. A week before the first quake in Christchurch in September 2010, Mike and Barbara agreed to move back North. It is a move that they haven’t regretted.

Pam Mitcalfe

Pam Mitcalfe is the church accounts administrator. 

The Trust Board

The KCF church board is made up of 6 people. The Board meet at least once a month and are responsible for all major decision making around finances, purchases, buildings, maintenance and general oversight of the life and community of Kaitaia Christian Fellowship.