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Short Courses

We offer a variety of short courses throughout the year to support your Christian faith and life.


The Alpha Film Series are short courses designed to take guests on a journey of faith over 10 weeks. Each session covers a key element of the gospel in a way that is easy-to-follow and leaves space for people to explore their questions about life, faith, and God.

The Marriage Course

Regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown. The best sports professionals spend hours being coached and perfecting their technique. And the greatest achievements in life take practice, training and dedication. 

It’s the same with marriage. A strong, loving, lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. We can all learn how to make even the happiest marriage better. 

A seven-session course set in a fantastic atmosphere. You will be served a candlelit dessert at a romantic table for two while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun. There is never any group work and you won’t be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Te Whakaora Tangata

Te Whakaora Tangata - Far North

T: +64 (09) 283 6989
M: 022 139 6927

Te Whakaora Tangata - Far North

We restore family relationships by addressing past trauma.

Family Restoration Course:
  • Our flagship course
  • 5 x 3 hour group sessions over 5 weeks
  • 4 x courses per year with up to 30 parents (including couples) attending each course
  • Intensive individual one-on-one sessions for those who attend all 5 weeks of the course, are the highest risk and desperately want to turn their lives around.
  • Regular follow-up visits and mentoring for individuals/couples for 3-6 months.

GoodLife Community Garden Project

Continuing the development of the Goodlife Community Garden to benefit the intellectually disabled community by providing a safe place to work, and encourage vocational opportunities that allow people to reach their potential through gardening and providing food for the community.

Mike 027 222 427

Prepare / Enrich

Pastor Mike is a registered Prepare/Enrich facilitator.